San Jose Family Photographer . Kansas Family Lifestyle Session . Indie & Crew


No better day to finally blog this little gem! It’s my childhood friend Jessa’s birthday today and I’m celebrating by reminiscing the time I got to photograph her kiddos in their natural habitat back in the town I grew up. Happy birthday Jessa! You make some incredible kiddos.

When Jessa knew I was coming into town, she meekly mentioned photographing her kids. I said, “Of course!” and went on to suggest just documenting her mini-humans doing regular mini-human things. No rules and no posing. She loved the idea and this is where my afternoon turned into basically reliving my childhood; I absolutely loved every second of it. I’m pretty sure this family lifestyle session solidified my passion for documentary family photography. I was reliving my unplugged childhood in Kansas through one of my best friend’s kiddos. 

With my camera in my hand, Jessa’s eldest child Indie looked me straight in my eyes and said nonchalantly,  “What should we do?” After a quick scan of her room, I made two suggestions: read your favorite book or jump on the bed. To my surprise and delight she said READ! I have no clue what the story was about, but the way she lost herself in the storytelling was hands down one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Then of course we jumped on the bed. Cue little brother Crew to join in on the fun followed by the obligatory jumping on HIS bed. The afternoon then became a flurry of activity: we played music, we played musical instruments, we colored, we hula hooped (but abandoned that for scooters), and we climbed trees which naturally led to rolling in the grass. The excitement must have been heard throughout the neighborhood because 2 kids multiplied into 4. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner and I was happily exhausted.  Thanks Indie and Crew, with special guest Scooter Gang, for letting me tag along!