My path to becoming a portrait photographer has been a long and interesting one, mixed with many detours and lots of college courses....

Famed_Mullet_1stGrade copy.jpg

Growing up in Kansas during the 80s definitely had its perks, like flying under the radar with this sweet mullet back in first grade.

As a kid, movie watching was what brought my family together. Most evenings and weekends were spent at the local movie theater or video shop. We loved the story telling and the exploration of the human condition. 

That passion stayed with me throughout the years and eventually lead me to photography. And by eventually I mean after getting degrees in business, fashion, and anthropology.

Straight out of photography school, I again felt pulled in different directions. I was drawn to the beauty and creativity of fashion photography but at the same time gravitated toward the gritty honesty of documentary. It wasn’t until I a moved from Southern California to Northern California that I fell into wedding photography and that’s when it started to click. Weddings are a perfect meld of the photographic genres that I love. I just want to make honest and beautiful images that will make you feel something and give you and your family memories for years to come.

My first grade mullet photo has provided my family and me lots of laughter and memories. Heck, its brought strangers and friends lots of laughs… that's what I strive to provide all my clients: imagery that invokes emotion and lasts a lifetime.

Few more things...